YiFang Announces the NextONE, a $99 Smartwatch (and it’s no slouch)

NextONE Edges Pebble as Cheapest Smartwatch

According to several sources, there’s a new  smart watch in town targeting the entry-level market.

YiFang Digital’s new NextONE smart watch is an Android-based touch-screen device that costs $99.99 and works with any Android or iOS smart phone.

nextOne smart watch at CES 2014

nextOne smart watch at CES 2014

Today, $150 Pebble pretty much owns the entry-level market to itself, but now YiFang aims to undercut the market leader on price. If the manufacturer’s claims are true, the NextOne offers more power and features than the Pebble at a 33% lower price.

The NextONE is scheduled to go on sale during the first quarter of 2014.

It’s safe to ay we’ll see more price-competitive smartwatches and watch phones from Asian manufacturers as the US and European markets mature. For a peek at what’s to come, check out the best selling watch phones in China right now:

best selling chinese smart watch phones - sample

Best selling Chinese smart watch phones, courtesy www.chinabuye.com

Technical Specs

The NextONE is arguably a more powerful device than the Pebble. Here are the specs:

  • runs Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean)
  • 1.55-inch TFT color touch screen display, with 240 x 240 resolution (nice!)
  • 1-GHz low power processor
  • 4GB of storage
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 290mAh battery
  • built-in microphone

Apps & Features

It’s not clear yet whether the NextONE will beat Pebble’s best-in-market selection of faces and apps, however.

Native apps that come standard on the NextOne include a calendar, recorder, file manager, calculator and a clock.

Re. third-party apps: all we know is that the device supports third party “social media and fitness apps” – but YiFang hasn’t said what these apps are, other than it supports “Facebook and Twitter”.

As for the fitness app, the watch relies on a NextONE companion app to store your fitness profile. From there you can track your steps with the built-in pedometer.

Like many other smart watches, the NextONE can transfer phone calls, texts, social notifications and fitness information to your wrist. It pairs with any Android or iOS phone, according to YiFang.

Check out this short video overview provided by Lilliputing, who is covering the NextOne’s release at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

Pebble-Slayer in The Making?

The only other device in the same price range is the $150 Pebble E-Ink smart watch.

But unlike the Pebble, the NextONE can act as a standalone device or be used as a controller for your phone.

In addition, the Pebble:

  • doesn’t offer a touch screen
  • has a black and white display
  • relies completely on your phone for all functionality beyond telling time

Pretty compelling package at this price!

YiFang is also releasing a new $39.99 fitness band that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

This post is just a quick preview – look for a hands-on review later on.


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