ASUS Zenwatch: the Best-Looking Android Wear Smart Watch Yet

Asus Zenwatch on side

Asus company chairman Jonny Shih has made good on his earlier promise of delivering a “unique” and “stylish” smart watch this Fall.

The new Asus Zenwatch, revealed today for the first time at IFA Berlin, isn’t just a new smart watch – it’s arguably a great-looking sports watch, too.

That’s because lot of care went into its design. With rounded edges, a curved screen, a replaceable leather band and a high-quality metal casing, the Zenwatch sets itself apart as a device luxury watch buyers just might not turn their heads away from.

Best of all, at a price of 199 Euros (probably $199 in the US), the Zenwatch offers great style and a lot of watch for the money.

People looking at buying Samsung’s Gear Live or LG’s G Watch right now will have a hard time not giving the Zenwatch a serious look.

Unique Features

Asus Zenwatch relaxation monitor

Asus has added unique software and gesture controls to its native Android Wear system that differentiates it from competing devices, especially LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live.

For example, it can monitor your “Relaxation Level”, too (whatever that is!).

The Zenwatch also offers a user-programmable “tap-tap” feature that lets you assign a specific function to that gesture, for example, turning off your home lights or calling-up an SMS reply window.

It also offers more than 100 watch faces out of the box and can serve as your smart phone’s remote control.


Asus Zenwatch companion

The Zenwatch comes with a market-standard 1.63-inch 320×320 AMOLED display, but the screen has a non-standard, beautiful curve to its surface.

Like several other Wear devices, the Zenwatch hardware includes a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 512MB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.0. So, we’re guessing it will also offer a Wear device’s typical 1-2 day battery life.

Onboard sensors include a heart rate monitor and a 9-axis sensor for tracking activity and movement.

Finally, the Zenwatch’s IP55 water proof casing will protect it from rain and slight dunks, but don’t go diving with it.

Gorgeous Design

The ZenWatch features a stainless steel top and bottom with a brushed metal surface around the face. It uses user-replaceable 22 mm watch bands that can be found almost anywhere, so you can customize the design to your own liking.

The body of the watch is still slightly chunky, but not much larger than a larger luxury analog watch. For men who prefer that style of watch, it will work just fine.

Unlike LG’s first G Watch, Asus paid attention to the design details that matter to luxury watch buyers. For example, it has fine stitching on the strap and exposed screws on the back of the watch.

Check out the company’s IFA release video, below, for all the gorgeous details:

Google Is Smiling

Truly nice-looking, functional Android Wear devices is what Google needs to compete against Apple’s upcoming iWatch, and in our opinion Asus has delivered on that with the Zenwatch.  Motorola has, too, with its round-faced Moto 360.

We are excited, too, because stylish options are seriously lacking in this market. We believe the smart watch market will jump leaps and bounds if more nice-looking devices like the Zenwatch are produced.

So, Jonny, thanks for delivering on your promise.


No formal word on release date yet, but we expect the Zenwatch will begin shipping in time for Christmas.


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