In-Depth Reviews of Sony’s new SmartWatch 2 (videos)

Sony’s third smart watch, the Smartwatch 2, is getting lots of attention by the gadget media online.

Here are two of the better-quality video reviews of Sony’s new device we’ve seen, with summaries beneath each.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Review! by Android Authority


  • nice looking companion
  • LOTS of alerts
  • much higher quality than Sony’s earlier attempt, the Sony SmartWatch version 1
  • lightweight, stylish watch
  • 3-4 days of battery life
  • nice selection of apps
  • user interface a bit buggy
  • uneven use of Android UI standards
  • incomplete Google apps integration
  • easy NFC setup

Sony SmartWatch 2 review by Engadget


  • nice looking watch, appropriate for casual wear
  • significantly fewer features than Samsung Gear devices
  • smaller & lighter than Gear (and $100 less)
  • much improved vs. the MN2SW
  • touchscreen and menus are buggy
  • uneven experience w/ apps

Our Take

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More Detailed Comparisons 


Smart Watch Features by

Technical Specifications

Smart Watch Technical Specifications by

Smart Phone Compatibility  

Smartphone Compatibility by


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