OKO’s New ANDROID Smart Watch (First Review)


High Style In a Modern Companion Watch

The ANDROID SmartWatch (manufactured by Delray Beach, FL company OKO International) was released in December, 2013 – and it looks nice. We haven’t had a chance to put our hands on one yet, so we’ve summarized the high points from various reviews and reports we found online, below.

In short, it’s a good looking companion watch that offers one of the best-looking chronograph faces around. If it does everything claimed, it could be a winner.

The price seems right, too, starting at only $199.

The ANDROID is available for sale now on Android USA’s website.

Here are the company’s teaser videos from last Fall:


As you can see from the videos above, the ANDROID is not a small watch at 45mm square.

But it looks great and features a unique digital tourbillon display that might fool some into thinking you’re wearing a high-end analog watch.

ANDROID by OKO tourbillon display

But it’s not a regular watch, of course. Like other companion smart watches, the ANDROID comes with a ton of digital features, smartphone Bluetooth connectivity and more.


The ANDROID’s bluetooth connectivity allows for music control on other devices, access to contact lists and call functions as well as voice and text communications. Other functions include voice memos, pedometer and calculator. The ANDROID site claims the watch works with iOS and Android phones, but not much more detail than that.

ANDROID smartwatch on wrist

Timekeeping features are better than found in most other smart watches, too – including alert chimes, a minute repeater, a chronograph and digital or analog display.

ANDROID by OKO orange on side

Here’s a complete breakdown of the ANDROID’s features:

(click image to view a breakdown of features in .pdf format)

ANDROID SmartWatch Feature Breakdown

  • digital and analog displays
  • digital tourbillon display option
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • voice memos
  • answer the phone
  • receive notifications
  • music control
  • contact list
  • pedometer
  • calculator
  • a chiming minute repeater
  • interval timing chronograph
  • companion to both iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Price: about $200

Technical Specifications

  • 1.3cm thick x 45mm wide
  • Micro USB charger
  • battery lasts up to 4 days (in sleep mode)

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