Top 10 Smart Watch Demos of CES 2014 (videos)

It’s a Wrap!

It’s been exactly a week since CES 2014 came to a close, and our notebooks are overflowing!

We initially planned to write of bunch of blog posts to cover every new device and announcement. But we quickly realized that dozens of great media companies were shooting demo videos all over this year’s event. So many were being shot that we quickly changed our strategy to curating the best coverage we could find, rather than writing even more redundant posts. You can thank us for shortening Google’s search results.

So let’s get to it.

Razer Nabu

Razer Nabu demoed their Smart Band, a wrist device for gaming and fitness. With a 7-day battery, a cool two-screen design for public/private displays, intelligent gestures and more. Available Q1 2014.

Razer Nabu Smart Band [CES 2014] 3:50 by JBTech17

Qualcomm Toq Gets a Pebble Fan’s Approval

The Toq is a bit of a conundrum. With their Mirasol display, Qualcomm has nailed the battery life + color touchscreen combo, but their apps and UI need a bit of work. Nevertheless, this Pebble fan fell madly in love with it.

Qualcomm Toq – OMG This is my Next Smartwatch! – CES 2014 4:32 by LinusTechTips

Pebble Moves Upscale

Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – wrote a piece on the new Pebble Steel. Which is sort of overkill for what is basically a steel-boxed Pebble. That said, it does look sweet.

Pebble Steel Smartwatch First-Look – CES 2014 2:35 by IGN
IGN tests Pebble’s new Steel Smartwatch, including its standalone apps that don’t require a connection to work.

Archos Goes For Three

Archos demonstrated pre-release versions of three new smart watch companions that seem to offer similar functionality as the Pebble, at a very competitive price of $50-$120.

Archos shows off three new smartwatches at CES 2014 3:15 by Smartwatch Fans

Burg’s Wrist Phone Makes Its US Debut

The Dutch company, Burg, formally introduced their new smart phone watch to America at CES. Like the Neptune Pine, it can be used as a standalone phone – but with a much smaller screen, the Burg’s battery lasts 4 days. But it can’t do anything for bad hair (watch the video).

BURG Smart Watch Phone (CES 2014)1:30 by ARMflix

Neptune Pine

As anyone who’s read their Kickstart page knows, the list of features for the new Neptune Pine goes on for miles. These demos prove they are backing up their promise with some serious hardware. But man, is it big.

Neptune Pine Smartwatch at CES 20142:01 by SomeCoolTech
Neptune’s CTO Aaron Wilkins shows some of the features of the Neptune Pine wrist phone.

LG LifeBand Touch

LG announced a new series of wearable tech devices will be coming this year, starting with their new fitness tracker, the LifeBand Touch.

LG LifeBand Touch Hands On! [CES 2014] 2:18 by Android Authority

Hot Smart Watch

Hands on for Hot Smart Watch CES 2014 5:04 by AskTheAndroidGuy

Kreyos Meteor Targets Pebble

In the real world, of course, a meteor would win this battle hands-down. But this is CES, folks. Kreyos has improved the simpler-is-better approach of Pebble by marrying a low-power display with Siri integration and tethering to both iOS and Android phones.

Kreyos Meteor Live Demonstration at CES 20142:44 by Kreyos

Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock Smartwatch | CES 2014 3:47 by TechCrunch
Darrell Etherington gets a look at Casio’s G-Shock smartwatch.


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